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One of the most dangerous types of criminals is 
What is a Sociopath? Someone with Anti Social Personality Disorder
What causes ASPD? 

Research shows it could be a chemical imbalance in the brain.  Less gray matter found in the thinking part of the brain than found in "normal" people.

3 types of Sociopaths: 


1.. Primary,  an emotional shell
2. Secondary, often becomes a criminal.
3. Dissociate, made anti social by the environment, i.e., terrorism, child abuse, etc.  
What do all 3 of these have in common? They lack a conscience.
What is the conscience? Id, Ego, and Super Ego
What part of the conscience do Sociopaths lack? Super Ego
What is the Super Ego? The part of our conscience that tell us right from wrong within the boundaries of society.
What are their characteristics: Charming, Intelligent, Complimentary, Confident, Caring, Generous, Affectionate, Convincing
What are their worst habits? Compulsive liar, promiscuous, selfish,   manipulative.
Potential Sociopath:  Statistics say that 1 in every 25 people are high risk sociopaths.
Potential Victim: Statistics say that everyone will be a victim of a sociopath during their lifetime. 
Do you know a sociopath?  (link to site message boards)
Where do Sociopaths find their victims?   You will find sociopaths everywhere physically and on the Internet. (called cyberpaths) (link)
What makes a "secondary" sociopath?

ASPD and lack of consistent discipline from early childhood.  Being brought up in a dysfunctional family help the makeup of a sociopathic child who s most likely going to grow up to become a career criminal finding themselves in and out of jail.
Are more female or males found to be Sociopathic? Males.  1 of every 3 males are found to have ASPD.  A small fraction of women are found to have this disorder.
What can we do to protect ourselves?

Be well educated about the society we live in.  Remind yourself, when you go out into the world every day, to keep your eyes open.  We get sucked into our own little worlds and routine on a daily basis and is more than too late before we realize we are in the company of a sociopath.

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